Seven Startup Week events you should be going to

From June 20th to 25th, Melbourne’s peak startup body Startup Victoria will be running its annual Startup Week.

Last year it attracted more than 1000 people across 21 events and 241 meetings and this year is set to be even bigger.

Here are seven events you should be going to this week.

A Taste of ‘Fo

  • Mondy, 9-11am or 2-4pm, Cremorne

For this event, Vinomofo will be taking budding entrepreneurs behind the scenes to reveal how they created one of Australia’s most successful startups. Both the morning and afternoon events will feature four 20-minute sessions with Vinomofo’s business leaders who will explain how they built their brand, customers and rapid growth in just five years.

Startups and data science

  • Monday, 6.30-8.30pm, Inspire 9

Get the low down on data and how you can make it work for your startup with four lightening talks from data science experts followed by a live panel discussion.

Hosted by Data Science Melbourne Group, Dylan Smith of Rubix Consulting, Scott Julian of Effective Measure and Gyde, Alison Hardacre of HealthKit and Christina Chen of Free2Grow will explore how data scientists can use their expertise to help startups grow.

Hack your legals

  • Tuesday, 6.30-8.30pm, Collective Campus

Getting the legals right is one of the most fundamental challenges for startups and this event hosted by LawAdvisor will give local founders access to three lawyers who specialise in startups.

Following a short presentation on what entrepreneurs should know about the law, attendees will get to ask any legal questions about their own startups.

Ladies Who Launch

  • Tuesday, 11.45am-2pm, Flinders Street

Pick up inspiring lessons from the League of Extraordinary Women’s Sheryl Thai, Sidekicker’s Jacqui Bull, Bellabox’s Sarah Hamilton and Butterbing Cookie Sandwiches’ Simone Clark in this live panel discussion hosted by Square.

The panel aims to uncover some of the ongoing challenges and issues women entrepreneurs face and how they’re changing the startup landscape today.

Can business be a social hero?

  • Wednesday, 10am-2pm, Social Traders

This event hosted by Social Traders is a workshop for entrepreneurs keen to make a difference through business.

Over two hours, Social Traders will help attending founders explore how they can use their efforts to create solutions with social impact as they figure out how they can start thinking smarter about addressing some of Australia’s bigger social issues.

Collaborate, share, barter and thrive: Alternative startup methods for the 21st century

  • Thursday, 6.30-8.30pm, One Roof Melbourne

Learn how your startup can grow without a major capital raise or external investment at this event hosted by Give Get.

In addition to an enlightening talk with collaboration experts, attendees will score new ideas to kickstart their ventures and connect with purpose-driven entrepreneurs and creatives.

In this lightening talk hosted by Give Get, collaboration experts explore how startups can grow without a major capital raise or external investment.

One Girl’s Chantell Baxter, Social Surplus’ Darren Sharp, Co-op Shop’s Antony McMulen and Slow School of Business’ Carolyn Tate will discuss and debate how startups can build through shared resources, bartering and collective strengths.


  • Friday, 1-3.30pm, Teamsquare

Startup founders can delight in 25-minute informal meetings with BlueChilli experts to discuss where their ventures are at or explore a potential tech idea.

Attendees are requested to complete a form before attending which gives them a chance to explain the problem their startup is tackling.

These meetings are not an opportunity to make a sales or investment pitch rather to help answer some sticking questions founders may have.

It’s best to go prepared with some questions.

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