Is Your Marketing Like Meerkat, Periscope, or

Over the last few weeks there has been a lot of movement on the live video front. The selling point of all of them, is the ease to broadcast by pushing one button. They also, all involve Twitter in some aspect. Since the launch of Meerkat, in February, many have been chomping at the bit on its uses. We want to look more at what blew it up and why it may now be dying a slow death.
On the plus side, it was first to the playground. Anyone else would be playing catchup. Secondly, tech journalist loved the little scrappy company, and they were all in. But wait! Twitter bought a untested competitor, Periscope.
After all the media had planted their flags in Meerkat being the future, they were blown away by the launch of Periscope. The people decided it was their new go to app for live events and fridge views (inside joke). Over the course of four days, Meerkat moved from 140 to 523 in the App Store, while Periscope jumped to number 30.
But, wait, another player entered the field at SXSW, called They launched on both Android and iOS, unlike Periscope and Meerkat. The only problem is they received zero traction. ZERO. I, being an android user, did a couple of streams on, and only received 25 viewers at most.
The other downside to the service was the video never saved to your phone, as it said it could. Finally, there was no way to title videos, so people could at least have an idea of what they would be viewing.
So, the question is, which reflects your marketing? Are you the media darling going down in flames? The one, with the giant behind you, so you don’t really need to market, or the one no one is paying any attention to because you failed to do any relevant marketing.