Don’t Be Like The Adobe PR Team

PR has a bad rep for the most part, and sadly most of it is justified. In my experience with the Adobe PR team, I waited an hour for them to send an email declining my press pass. If I had not been onsite at the time, and already been to the keynote, I would say no harm, no foul, but that is not the case.

In this case, the woman took my papers and told me it would take five minutes. She then worked with at least 40 other people as she waited for this magical answer to appear from on high.
Well, it turns out her only way to communicate with the PR person, Alex Moriconi was via text. She literally had to take a photo of my assignment letter to send it him or her. My thought was WTF???

So it ticks me off that after an hour, he or she finally sent a denial. I find that rather inefficient and unjustifiable on any level. Empower the people at the desk or have people attempt to register at the press room.

I don’t mind they did it by text. I mind that they wasted an hour of my time when it could have been done in less than 10 minutes. I mind that there is no reason given for it, and I really mind that they then have the nerve to insult you and say you can pay $595 to see some displays and go to some parties. REALLY?

The job of the public relations department is to make the company they represent look good in the public eye. Fortunately, I like Adobe, so I will overlook this blot on their image. You don’t make people wait an hour to tell them “no, but if you pay us, yes.”

Be mindful of the people you want to write good things about your product or service. Don’t be like the Adobe PR team.